Massage Knot

Tarin Thomas LMT 6730 / Kaitlin Garst LMT 6940


Hello Massage Knot Clients!!! As some of you already know and for those of you that do not, License Massage Therapist Tarin Thomas is pursuing to further her education and is going to return to school! She will only be working at Massage Knot on Sunday's. We highly recommend if you know your schedule to go ahead and book your appointments to assure you get your session. Her schedule will fill up fast! If you want your appointment to repeat every month make sure to let her know so she can set you up! Tarin will also be working Friday's at her "other job" if that day works better for you. School for her will start January 22nd so the last day to get in during the week will be Wednesday the 17th.

Special words from Tarin: Thank you all for your loyalty and support with helping me get my business up and running. I am super excited to further my education and will be going back for Dental Assisting! I love doing massage and I love all of my awesome clients. I  will not STOP massaging for those of you starting to worry! Massage Knot will be my part time job. See you on Sunday! Namaste!!

About Tarin Thomas

Tarin Thomas, LMT since 2008, attended The Edge School of Massage Therapy located in Fayetteville AR. She is trained in Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, and Prenatal Massage. Tarin's goal is to help her clients feel relaxed and help them maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

About Kaitlin Garst

Kaitlin Garst, LMT since 2009, attended Blue Cliff College located in Fayetteville AR. She is trained in Swedish, Deep Tissue and Prenatal Massage. She also is trained in Ashiatsu. Kaitlin's goals are to help her clients achieve an overall well being through massage.